An African Biographical Dictionary

This second edition is the only biographical dictionary to bring together, in one volume, cultural, social and political leaders—both historical and contemporary—of the sub-Saharan region. The first edition received awards from the American Library Association and other professional groups and was widely praised by reviewers. For a decade, it has served the needs of students, scholars, and the general public, but a decade is a long time in the changing world of Africa. It is time for a revision and a new edition.

  • Includes 713 biographical sketches of historical and contemporary Africans, 170 more than the previous edition. 349 have been rewritten from the first edition. 
  • Comprehensive coverage includes religious figures, writers, politicians, scientists, entertainers, sports personalities, terrorists and more. Compared to the last edition, there is an increase in religious leaders, business people, educators, sports men/women, and scientists.
  • User-friendly A-Z format, with cross-references 
  • Entries begin with the country(s) in which the person was significant, dates of birth and death, followed by a chronological biography, and references, including autobiographies and principal biographical works 
  • Appendix of Entries by Nation 
  • Appendix of Leaders by Nation since Independence 
  • Full-Color Maps, covering political boundaries, natural resources, religions, the slave trade and more 
  • Cumulative Index 
  • Available in print and ebook formats

Up-to-date and representative of African societies as a whole, An African Biographical Dictionary provides a wealth of vital information for students of African culture and is an indispensable reference guide for anyone interested in African affairs.

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