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The Complete Resource Guide for Pediatric Disorders

2023/24 Edition

The disorders and issues covered in this guide have been determined to be most prevalent in the pediatric population, ages 0-18. They include both physical and mental conditions, and range from cancer to nightmares.

• This edition has been extensively updated with the latest treatment options and disorder information.
• Over 200 pediatric disorders are covered in this comprehensive resource.
• Each disorder has its own chapter that begins with an easy-to-understand Description that details Classification, Symptoms, Causes and Standard Treatment Methods. Next, readers will find thousands of
important Resources including National & State Agencies & Associations, Libraries, Research Centers, Support Groups, Hotlines, Camps, Books, Periodicals and more.
• The volume also includes Understandable Descriptions of 15 Major Bodily Systems, a helpful Glossary of Terms, plus four Indexes: Disorder by Bodily System, Entry Name, Geographic and Subject.

The Complete Resource Guide for Pediatric Disorders provides immediate access to information crucial to families and caregivers when coping with children’s illnesses and is a necessary addition to any reference collection.

The back matter of The Complete Resource Guide for Pediatric Disorders includes: 

  • Entry Index
  • Geographic Index
  • Disorder & Related Term Index
  • Glossary of Medical Prefixes, Suffixes and Roots

The Complete Resource Guide for Pediatric Disorders is available for subscription online at, for even faster, easier access to this vast array of information. With a subscription, users can search by disorder, keyword, geographic area, bodily system, and much more. Visit the site or call (800) 562-2139 to set up a free trial of the Online Database.

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