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The Complete Learning Disabilities Resource Guide

2025 Edition

The Complete Learning Disabilities Resource Guide has been a comprehensive and sought-after resource for professionals, families and individuals with learning disabilities since 1992. This twenty-fourth edition is the most comprehensive and current source of resources for the LD community available today, and a continual National Health Information Awards Winner for providing "...the Nation's Best Consumer Health Information Programs and Materials in the category of Health Promotion/Disease and Injury Prevention Information."

Following the Introduction are two in-depth reports, About Learning Disabilities and Forward Together, designed to “help educators unlock the power of students who learn differently.”  The third front-matter piece is an article, “Children with Disabilities Face Health Risks, Disruption, and Marginalization under Coronavirus,” by Michelle Phoenix, McMaster University. Ending the Front Matter is User Guide and User Key.

This twenty-fourth edition, with over 6,000 listings, provides a comprehensive look at the variety of resources available for the many different types of learning disabilities, from those that occur in spoken language, to those that affect organizational skills. It includes a wide array of testing resources, crucial for early diagnosis, and is arranged in subject-specific chapters for quick, effective research.

The Table of Contents is your guide to this database in print form. The Complete Learning Disabilities Resource Guide is arranged into 21 major chapters and 100 subchapters, making it easy to pinpoint the exact type of desired reference, including Associations, National/State Programs, Publications, Audio/Video, Web Sites, Products, Conferences, Schools, Learning/Testing Centers, and Summer Programs. Listings provide thousands of valuable contact points, including key executives, web sites, fax numbers, descriptions, founding year, designed-for age products, and size of LD population for schools.

With valuable information for not only those individuals with LD, but also for parents, teachers and professionals, this edition offers answers to legal and advocacy questions, as well as specially designed computer software and a full range of assistive devices. The Complete Learning Disabilities Resource Guide gives you the confidence that this one resource is all you need. It assures those in the LD community that this crucial information is readily available at every school and library across the country, not just at state or district level special education resource centers. Now, every special education teacher, student, and parent can have, right at their fingertips, a wealth of information on the critical resources that are available to help individuals achieve in school and in their community.

This valuable resource includes three indexes: Entry Name Index, Subject Index and Geographic Index, and a helpful Glossary of Terms

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