Grey House Health & Wellness Guides

The new Grey House Health & Wellness Guides series provides valuable information to individuals suffering from a particular health concern, as well as their families, support systems, caregivers and healthcare professionals, all in a comprehensive, one-stop resource.  Titles bring together necessary and valuable information, statistics and resources to provide readers with easy-to-understand and helpful information and connects them to many sources of support.

Volumes are organized into the following sections:

Section One: Studies & Statistics 

A robust, colorful section of more than 300 pages includes a number of detailed reports from Major Associations, the World Health Organization, and the Centers for Disease Control. 

Section Two: Types of Conditions or Diseases

This section includes several major chapters, each covering a different condition, or broad category of disease. Each chapter begins with a concise description of the category, and goes on to include a variety of resources for patients, their families and caregivers. Specific categories include; National Agencies & Associations; State Agencies & Associations; Foundations & Research Centers; Support Groups & Hotlines; Magazines; and Websites. 

Section Three: Conditions Affecting the Disease

This section includes chapters specific conditions affecting the disease, with descriptions that discuss their relationship, and resources for further research.

Section Four: Pharmaceuticals 

Section Five: Appendixes

  • Glossary includes more than 100 terms that are both included in this work and ones that the reader might come across in his or her own research.
  • Entry Index lists all directory entries alphabetically.
  • Geographic Index organizes listings alphabetically by state.