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Learning Literacy: Skills & Strategies

This informative, skill-building resource is designed to help students and their teachers understand approaches to learning that can lead to success and help develop critical thinking skills and approaches that will serve them well throughout their lives.

The essays in this volume range from learning outlining skills, to learning how to develop questions that can lead to a better understanding of the text or subjects being explored, whether in literature, geography, history, science or more. Learning solid skills on how to approach a subject and helping yourself develop a solid understanding of the content is an empowering tool for any student.

An abundance of data and sources can make it difficult to know where to start when exploring a topic. But with good skills and strategies in mind, students can bring order to the information presented. The understanding of learning skills and strategies are more important than ever today to evaluate news articles, social media, and individual and group bias.

Learning Literacy: Skills and Strategies will encourage students to explore the source of the content and develop skills on how to compare and contrast and explore information.

Topics include:

  • Evaluate claims in popular media sources
  • Improve written and oral communication
  • Organize a variety of sources across disciplines
  • Develop cross-disciplinary problem-solving ability
  • Facilitate planning and gain insight into metacognition
  • Review the benefits of advancements in informational technology
  • Formulate higher-level questions to achieve depth in inquiry
  • Analyze and compare multiple sources to evaluate reliability, relevance, and timeliness
  • Study evidence-based instructional strategies

Creativity and problem-solving are important aspects of researching and learning in the twenty-first century, as are digital and technological literacy, global awareness, and civic responsibility. Learning Literacy: Skills & Strategies is designed to cover these subjects in a relatable way and help individuals on their lifelong learning journey.