Opinions Throughout History: Diseases & Epidemics

The European explorers who later settled the New World also brought the first pandemics to the American continents. Over the centuries since, there have been many epidemics and pandemics in the United States, some representing diseases that were originally carried to the continent by colonial settlers, and others brought later as Americans traveled abroad or engaged in warfare on foreign shores. Opinions Throughout History: Disease & Epidemics traces the history of some of the most impactful diseases in human history, such as smallpox, measles, the bubonic plague, and HIV, and looks at how these viruses and bacterial plagues affected American politics and culture. The book will also explore the rise and the spread of the anti-vaccination and science skepticism movements and their relationship to American and global public health. The history of American diseases and epidemics will be compared to the COVID-19 crisis, the deadliest pandemic in modern U.S. history, which has provided a clear example of how governments and the other organs of the state can help or hinder the international goal of stamping out disease.

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