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Profiles of Florida

Drawn from updated government and census statistics, this 750+ page volume provides detailed demographic and statistical data on every county and place within the state of Florida, including:

  • Demographics on each County & Individual City or Town
  • Detailed Data on School Districts
  • Hispanic & Asian Population Statistics
  • Informative Statistics & Rankings on Ancestry Groups
  • Weather Statistics
  • Comparative Ranking Charts

About Florida
This updated 4-color section gives the researcher a true understanding of the state and its history. It includes a Photo Gallery, and comprehensive sections on Florida’s Government, Land and Natural Resources, and Demographic Maps. With charts and maps in every chapter, the researcher is anchored to the state, both physically and politically.

Demographic Profiles
Users can easily access an abundance of information on 948 places and 67 counties in the state of Florida, from vast metropolitan cities to small hamlets. Each profile contains: History, Geography, Climate, Population, Vital Statistics, Economy, Income, Taxes, Education, Housing, Health & Environment, Public Safety and more.

School District Data
You’ll have immediate access to a snapshot profile of each district serving 1,500 or more students. Each district profile includes contact information along with grades served, the numbers of students, teachers and schools, student/teacher ratios, dropout rates, ethnicity, gender, and diploma recipients by race and district expenditures per student.

Hispanic, Asian & Ancestry Group Statistics
Here you’ll find need-to-know data on the Hispanic and Asian population of the state along with data on all ancestry groups reported in the state. Details include population concentrations, income, educational attainment and much more.

Detailed Weather Data
Provides extensive climatological data on all of Florida’s weather stations, including statistics on maximum and minimum temperatures, precipitation, extreme temperatures, humidity and more.

Comparative Ranking Charts
Selected statistics are pulled for 100 of Florida’s largest towns and cities. Each of 22 different data points has its own two-page spread with the cities listed in alpha order so researchers can easily compare and rank cities. Among the statistics selected for this section are Employment, Income, Unemployment Rate, Population Characteristics, Taxes, Cost of Living, Education, Health Care, Public Safety, Air Quality and more.

About the Series
The richness of each volume is astounding in its depth, from history to weather, all packed in an easy-to-navigate, compact form. These information-packed resources are a must for public libraries, large and small, university libraries, high school libraries and many other reference collections. 

Includes Free Online Access!
Open up worlds of information for your patrons with G.O.L.D., Grey House OnLine Databases! Whether your patrons are searching for business information, consumer health information or education information, give them the tools they need to find the data they need quickly and easily. Filled with helpful resources, contact information and hotlinks, your patrons will benefit from the easy access to the thousands of organizations in each database, with just a few mouse clicks to get there. Users can do cross-database searches, print out listings, save searches, and so much more. From simple searches to expert searches, this amazing collection of online databases will fill multiple research needs.

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Pub. Date: January 2017
Softcover: 786 pages
ISBN: 978-1-68217-342-8
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Includes Free Online Access on the GOLD Platform
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