An African Biographical Dictionary

“This volume is beautifully produced. An excellent guide to the peoples of Africa.”
-Library Journal

“This work is a solid reference for biographical or historical studies on Africa for high school and beyond.”
-Voice of Youth Advocates

“Clearly written and logically presented. The book’s large format adds to its accessibility. The index is comprehensive.”
-School Library Journal

“…The biographical sketches are written in a lively and accessible style and for the most part fairly objectively…on the whole the author navigates well…neither unduly eulogizing nor offering severe censure of any of the personalities profiled, even for some notorious African dictators… Attractively produced in a large-size format, this volume is a good source for basic biographical information about prominent Africans of today and those of the past. It is modestly priced and is recommended for purchase by public and high school libraries, as well as by academic libraries…”
-The African Book Publishing Record

“An unquestionable convenience to have these concise, informative biographies gathered into one source, indexed, and analyzed by appendixes listing entrants by nation…”
-Wilson Library Bulletin

“…The imbalanced coverage of the 1st edition, which leaned heavily toward political leaders, has been corrected…The entries are brief, generally of less than a page in length, but give a good overview of the subjects’ lives. Most entries list references for further reading. A nice index, with a large font size and a list of entries by nation make this an easy book to navigate…An African Biographical Dictionary fills a gap in reference collections by supplying readable, up-to-date biographical information on a wide range of African leaders.”

“An excellent source for information not easily found elsewhere.”

“…Coverage is both historical and contemporary…There is a good balance between men and women…this is a good title for public and school libraries.”