Associations Canada

“This edition of Associations Canada provides the most current directory of nonprofit associations. It includes over 20,000 associations which are either headquarter in Canada, headquartered elsewhere but house a brand in Canada, or entirely foreign but of potential interest to Canadians. All entries have been meticulously verified in terms of providing the most up‐to‐date information as of publication, including association name change, event dates, etc. Introductory information is conveyed in both English and French. Individual listings may be conveyed in either or both languages. This essential and well‐curated source will prove a valuable addition to libraries.”

“Associations Canada is a comprehensive listing of nonprofit organizations in Canada, as well as self‐proclaimed “how‐to” guide for incorporating not‐for‐profit organizations in Canada…. The guide is easy to
use and well organized, and the fact that Associations Canada is (partially) bilingual also garners kudos. This resource is recommended for public libraries (particularly those close to the Canadian border) and academic libraries with programs in Canadian studies.”

“This directory will be an essential reference tool for businesses doing international and corporate business as well as academic and large public libraries.”