Encyclopedia of Prisoners of War and Interment

“The Encyclopedia of Prisoners of War and Internment offers a well designed historical survey of an important subject …Given the timeliness of the topic…both academic and public libraries will want to consider adding this [edition]…Depending on individual need, it would be appropriate for both circulating and reference collections.”
- Against the Grain

“…Bottom Line Overall coverage of the subject matter here is extensive…no other reference title covers the same territory. Recommended for high school, public, and academic libraries.”
-Library Journal

“…Entries…are generally well written…The Encyclopedia of Prisoners of War and Internment is highly recommended for academic and public libraries.”

“Recommended for general readers and undergraduates”

“A carefully constructed and well-written work that will be useful to public and academic libraries for many years.”

“Suitable for the reference collections of all public, high school, and academic libraries.”

“Thorough and detailed yet accessible to the lay reader. Of special interest to subject specialists and historians; recommended for public and academic libraries.”
-Library Journal