Encyclopedia of War Journalism

“The original edition entitled the Historical Dictionary of War Journalism contained more than 900 entries and this retitled third edition has more than 200 additional entries. The volume is divided into two sections: the first part contains alphabetical entries on many topics including correspondents, illustrators, photographers, periodicals, news organizations, among many other subjects. Each entry includes a reference source; the article length varies from one to several paragraphs…. The second section contains 56 primary documents including article and book excerpts and also photographs. The 29 appendixes are useful and contain much hard-to-find information: lists of many war correspondents (no comprehensive list is possible) from the Mexican-American War through the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, films that portray war correspondents, journalism award winners, lists of photographers and camera people, and names of correspondents killed in several wars…
Although other journalism reference works discuss war journalism, this title solely devoted to the topic provides unique and readily-accessible information compiled from numerous sources.”
—ARBA Staff Reviewer