This is Who We Were: 1920s

“An interesting read, as well as a good reference work, this book focuses on the social history aspect of the 1920s. It is very comprehensive in its approach, focusing on all classes and regions of the country. The bulk of the book profiles the lives of 28 individuals, who vary in age, socioeconomic status, and background, exploring their home life and their experiences in the workplace. Each profile culminates in a description of the events and attitudes of the individual’s community. A historical snapshot section provides interesting details of cultural and economic milestones. Other sections of the book provide cost of living information and newspaper clippings that highlight social issues of the time. A majority of the book falls in a section on census data. Comparative tables rank population data from the 1920, 1930, and 2010 censuses. Most of the information in this section is actually reprinted from the 1930 census, but nonetheless gives information on race, sex, and national origin distribution. Whether a person was literate, English-speaking, or attending school are examples of other statistics collected. While the census statistics are available elsewhere, the book is recommended not only for general reference purposes but because the profile analysis of life in the 1920s is superbly documented. A bibliography and rich graphics help to accentuate the book.”