This is Who We Were: 1970s

“Like the other titles in the This Is Who We Were series, this one focused on the 1970s captures the essence of the decade through its creative blend of biographies, historical snapshots, economic and census data, and inclusion of newspaper and magazine articles, speeches, and other documents. Black‐and‐white photographs and reproductions of advertisements further engage the reader. The eclectic mix of personal profiles from the creator of Sesame Street to a Vietnam prisoner of war, elementary school principal, and family business owner give a broad look at the decade as does data on annual incomes and prices for essentials like food, clothing, and housing. All of this is followed by a bibliography and index. This mix of primary and secondary data makes for a fun read as well as a reliable place to find out about the 1970s. Recommended for public and school libraries.”
“Following in the pattern of previous volumes in this series, this is a user‐friendly and inviting reference that combines census and other government data with personal narrative, advertisements, clippings, and so forth to provide a portrait of a decade. The first section is made up of 28 profiles (such as “1972: Grateful Dead Fanatic” and “1979: Vietnamese Immigrants”); other sections cover the economy of the times, reprints of news articles, and a variety of census tables. The series is a useful source for student assignments and general browsing. Recommended for school and public libraries.”
‐ Booklist