Working Americans: Social Movements

“… New movements and concerns mentioned in this edition include income inequality, LGBTQ rights, and same-sex marriages. The contents are arranged chronologically by only a few years per decade, with some social issue dominating that year (e.g., 1954 focuses on the danger of comic books to the fabric of American society). Each year has a profile of an individual and a specific community, a historical snapshot and timeline, and information on life at work and at home... School students and teachers might find this book perfectly suitable for their purposes, and using the index is certainly recommended for pinpointing where information is located. Perhaps readers might see something here that would spark their interest in conducting more in-depth research in other resources. Libraries will also get online access to the contents. This series might be used in conjunction with other publications from Grey House, such as The Value of a Dollar books, and the This is Who We Were companion series for American census data. One could then further supplement this material with some kind of "daily life" type of history book. Author Scott Derks has worked for years with the publishers on various titles…While suitable for many libraries, the price may tend to restrict its purchase to larger public and academic libraries.”