Working Americans: The Upper Class

“From many standpoints, this is a wonderful book… The chapters are consistent in format, covering life at home and at work as well as family budgets, incomes, and the prices of goods and services… Overall this volume is a great combination of history, economics, and sociology. Summing Up: Highly recommended.”

“This is a wonderful teaching tool with an engaging layout and fact-filled content, perfect for secondary and post-secondary educators seeking to enliven history courses.”
-Library Journal

“A unique study of the American working class…Overall, this volume engages and informs, contributing significantly and meaningfully to the historiography of the working class in America…A compelling and well-organized contribution for those interested in social history and the complexities of working Americans.”
–Library Journal

“This work is highly recommended for school libraries from middle school through high school as well as college libraries from community college through graduate school. It should be found in public libraries of every size.”