The Evolution Wars: A Guide to the Debates Review

"The text is interesting and readable for the nonscientist, while maintaining a scholarly style. Students in advanced placement natural and social science courses will find this book interesting and useful in the study of evolution."
- The Book Report

"...highly recommended for academic and public libraries."

" engaging, thought-provoking, and witty analysis of the history of evolutionary thought... The evolution controversies are themselves fascinating subjects, and Ruse makes them much more understandable by placing them in the historical, social, religious, and even personal contexts of their times ... A must read for students of evolution and the philosophy of science, but also for anyone interested in a fascinating history of a most radical and continuing change in scientific thought that (like it or not) permeates all of biology and society today."

“This attractive volume serves as a guide to the tempestuous history of evolutionary thought, from pre-Darwinian thinkers of the eighteenth century to the contemporary debates on evolution versus creationism… This book, endorsed by biologist E. O. Wilson in the foreword, is highly recommended for academic and public libraries.”

"This guide provides teachers in major disciplines with a gold mine of information to get the big picture."