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The Gun Debate: Encyclopedia of Gun Rights & Gun Control in the United States

With public debate surrounding gun violence at an all-time high, this new third edition of The Gun Debate: An Encyclopedia of Gun Rights & Gun Control in the United States is a must-have resource for all public libraries, high schools, universities and history and political science collections. 

Over 350 entries provide in-depth, unbiased coverage of both sides of the gun debate. Updated and expanded coverage includes new entries on recent gun laws and legislation, coverage of mass shootings, gun incidents and police shootings, plus new information from groups who support gun rights and those who support gun control in America.

Content is presented using a balanced and unbiased approach to this controversial issue. Additionally, a detailed Preface and Introduction provide the reader with a useful background to the gun debate in America, and an expanded Primary Documents section includes speeches, articles, and legislation surrounding the gun debate.

Three appendices feature:

  • State Constitutional Gun Rights Provisions and Stand Your Ground Laws
  • Statutory and Constitutional Provisions Relating to the Purchase, Ownership, and Use of Firearms
  • List of Organizations  

An updated Chronology now includes key 2016 legislation and shooting incidents, and a Bibliography, Subject Index, and New Category Index are also included for the user’s convenience.

With equal coverage devoted to themes of gun control and gun rights, this important resource provides readers with ample background information to this important issue, combined with comprehensive coverage of today’s leaders and organizations involved in the gun debate, alongside coverage of current events and viewpoints.  This new edition will be an important addition to public, university, and high school libraries.

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Pub. Date: December 2016
Hardcover: 530 pages
ISBN: 978-1-68217-102-8
Price: $165
Includes Free Online Access on the Salem Press Platform
e-ISBN: 978-1-68217-103-5
eBook User Price: $206