The Gun Debate Review

“The Gun Debate: An Encyclopedia of Gun Rights & Gun Control in the United States, serves the needs of anyone who is interested in gun debate and its contentious bearing on today’s society. This encyclopedia offers opportunities to approach related issues with a balanced perspective. It combines history and current events that continue to confront and confound the American people; case studies offer concrete examples and explanations. This third edition considers the needs of nonspecialist readers, and emphasizes a clear representation of facts by inserting tables, charts, graphics, photographs, and illustrations. The more than 370 entries range in length from 500 to 3,000 words and are cross-referenced to related topics within the encyclopedia. Moreover, entries include further reading lists for additional study. The Guide to Selected Topics arranges entries into categories that include court cases, gun control issues, historical individuals and groups, legislation and constitutional amendments, and more. The encyclopedia also features an expanded primary documents section, three appendixes, an updated chronology through 2016, a bibliography, and two indexes. Combining the history of important issues with current events and groundbreaking viewpoints, this encyclopedia serves as an important addition to public, university, and high school libraries. Library acquisition decision-makers responsible for the selection and purchase of materials or resources will consider this book a welcome addition to their collection.”

“In modern history, there has quite possible been no greater controversy compared to that over guns. That being said though, it is hardly a new subject of discussion, as this collection points out. Having the ability to judge this versus some of this set’s other books, this one’s narrower focus makes it a much more useful tool. A compendium of not just the court cases in the U.S., but also the organizations that have fought for and against gun control. It is interesting to see how the discussion has shifted over the years, and would be a must read for anyone looking to discuss the long running ramifications of the fight over the 2nd Amendment; a controversy that shows no sign of losing steam.”
-Against the Grain

“…This second edition is a most welcome update… An insightful introductory essay, supplemented by statistical tables, provides a solid overview to an ambitions encyclopedia featuring over 300 entries on organizations (ATF, NRA), laws (state, federal), events (Columbine, Virginia Tech), and individuals (Brady, Obama)… This well-illustrated work presents the various sides of the issues in a fair, nonbiased manner.”

“The larger typeface and format make the book easier to read than the previous edition, while the easy-to-use alphabetical arrangements of people, lobbying groups, associations, and legal materials remain the same. There are more than 300 entries in the book, with 36 new articles, including entries on the Virginia Tech shootings as well as the Tucson shooting involving U.S. Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords. This is a good updating of a solid source of material on gun rights and gun control.”
– Booklist

“The entries are balanced and well written, include photographs and charts... For those seeking a reference work in the debate on firearms regulation, this book would be a good choice.”
- Library Journal

“Utter (political science, Lamar Univ.) and Spitzer (political science, SUNY, Cortland) present 338 alphabetically arranged articles on gun control and gun rights primarily in the United States…Entries address a wide range of topics… BOTTOM LINE: Utter and Spitzer’s valuable and comprehensive work is recommended for collections serving individuals interested in firearms, political science, sociology, and legal issues.”
- Library Journal Review

". . . unbiased commentary on the laws, court decisions and political turning points in the debate make it a valuable resource."
- Liberty, June 2000

"This will be useful source for students as it provides a wealth of information, is basically objective, and is readily accessible in terms of ease-of-use and writing style. . . .Recommended."
- Book Report, March/April 2000