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This is Who We Were: A Companion to the 1940 Census

A companion to the 1940 Census released by the US National Archives, This is Who We Were provides the reader with a deeper understanding of day to day life in America in 1940 and shows how it compares statistically to life today. The richly-illustrated text provides an interesting way to study a truly unique time in American history. In five sections that are detailed below, this new edition covers not only lifestyles, but history, economics, and current events of the years leading up to 1940.

Front Matter:  Provides the reader with a framework to explore this interesting text including the Media Response to the 1940 Census and State Ranking Tables that compare the 1940 to the 2010 Census by 16 different data points, allowing the reader to examine the differences and similarities between these time periods. 

Personal Profiles: 26 in-depth Personal Profiles of Americans whose lives were sandwiched between the Great Depression and World War II, undeniably a fascinating time in America’s history. Each profile provides a personal look into the different ways Americans coped, survived, and succeeded, written in an easy-to-read bulleted format and peppered with images. The 26 profiles represent dozens of occupations, working, middle and upper class Americans, and 17 states from all corners of the country. The detailed Table of Contents gives specifics: job, city and state, and a story headline. Each profile is arranged in specific categories-Life at Home, Life at Work, Life in the Community.

Historical Snapshots: Examines the decade leading up to 1940 through a historical lens. What was going on in America? What movies were popular? What clothing styles were fashionable? This fun easy-to-read section also offers the “firsts” in politics, social action and more. 

Economy of the Times: Presents a wide range of economic data, including the prices of food, clothing, transportation and housing, typical salaries for dozens of jobs and so much more. A fascinating look at the economic picture of 1940 and how the engine that drives our economy has changed. Also included is a Value of a Dollar Index that compares the buying power of $1.00 in 2010 to the buying power in every year prior, back to 1860.

All Around Us – What We Saw, Wrote, Read & Listened To: Chronicles major events and milestones through articles, comic strips, advertisements, and book excerpts, allowing the reader to develop a broader understanding of the time period, helping to complete the picture of what it was like to live in 1940. From "The Endless Chain of Credit" in the Oberlin News Tribute to "Food from Everywhere" in Household Magazine, this section offers a fascinating look at the current trends and issues facing the average American family from 1930-1940.

Relevant actual images of the census collection sheets and tables combine with photographs, news clippings, advertisements, postcards, posters, quotes, songs and cartoons, to add interest to each chapter and depth to the reader’s understanding of the time period. 

1940 Census Summary & Comparison Data: Begins with the 1940 United States Summary, in its 65 original pages, supported by maps, charts and tables, this document provides not only a look at America in 1940, but compares its findings to earlier enumerations.  Next, a Comparison of Principal Cities charts population characteristics in 1940 for over 90 individual cities, for 26 different interesting population characteristics.

This dynamic new title will benefit a wide range of academic and personal research and curriculum needs. A truly unique and interesting look at what American life was like in 1920, this volume will be an important acquisition for high school, public and academic libraries as well as social science and history reference collections.

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This edition comes with FREE ONLINE ACCESS on the popular Salem Press/Grey House platform,  With unlimited users and remote access included, your students and researchers can now search this amazing collection of data, anytime & anywhere, all just a click away.

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