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Working Americans 1880-2022: Vol XVIII: Health Care Workers

This first edition of Working Americans 1880-2022: Health Care Workers is the 18th volume in the popular Working Americans series. It profiles 31 Americans from very different walks of life who made distinct contributions to the nation’s quest for health. In addition to profiling physicians, nurses, and other health care workers, this volume contains perhaps unexpected portraits of an anti-cigarette activist, a volunteer for the Food and Drug Administration’s “Poison Squad,” a medical school reformer, a hospital data security expert, and an electrical engineer who helped with the COVID vaccine, among others. Profiles span more than 140 years and detail the lives of champions of health in one form or another, while at the same time tracing the evolution of health care in the United States.

Like other volumes in this series, Health Care Workers is a compilation of original research— personal diaries, family histories —combined with government statistics, commercial advertisements, and news features. The profiles combine historical facts with historical fiction to create the individuals and families featured. The text is written in bulleted format, and hundreds of images offer strong visuals of the lives of teens at work. People covered include medical school reformer Abraham Flexner, life insurance agent Alex Haas, physician for Doctors Without Borders Christina Becker, and hospital data security administrator Yuta Ishikawa.

Each 12-15 page profile starts with a brief introduction and photograph of the subject, then moves to three bulleted sections.

  • Life at Home what home life was like for these teenagers and their families—daily routines, what their house looked like, and what they ate.
  • Life at Work details what it was like at their school and their job, be it after school or during the summer, including work environment, relationships with co-workers, and attitude of others.
  • Life in the Community offers insight into the neighborhood these teens lived in, often with geographic and social history, as well as a sense of the area’s economy and recreational opportunities.

Next are Historical Snapshots – interesting collections of firsts and significant events that happened in the year profiled. These are followed by Selected Prices – the cost of everyday items, from shoes to radios. Each chapters ends with Primary Documents – full reprints or excerpts of magazine and newspaper articles, letters, and diary entries about a variety of current events that adds historical context to the life of the profiled teen.

Following the profiles are approximately 150 pages of current reports and statistics that offer a detailed look at current health care professions, containing wage and employment figures broken down at the national and state levels. An overall picture of health care workers during COVID begins this section, and maps and graphs provide a visual presentation of important data related to some of today’s most popular health-care-related occupations. This represents the most recent information available from the U.S. Census Bureau and the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.

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Pub. Date: November 2022
Hardcover: 600 pages
ISBN: 978-1-63700-385-5
Price: $150
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