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Working Americans: The Working Class

The updated Second Edition of this important reference work focuses on the lifestyles and economic life of working class families and looks, decade by decade, into the kind of work they did, the homes they lived in, the food and clothes they bought, the entertainment they sought as well as the society and history that shaped the world Americans worked in from 1880 to 2012. From the wealth of government surveys, social worker histories, economic data, family diaries and letters, newspaper and magazine features, this unique reference assembles a remarkably personal and realistic look at the lives of ordinary working Americans.

Each chapter of Working Americans, 1880-2012 Volume 1: The Working Class covers one decade, except the first chapter (1888-1899), and opens with an overview of important events to anchor the decade in its time frame. The working class is then explored by examining the lives of three to five working class families.

These Family Profiles include important, real data on:

  • Income & Job Descriptions
  • Selected Prices of the times
  • Annual Income
  • Annual Budget of Individuals
  • Family Finances
  • Family Budget
  • Life at Work
  • Life at Home
  • Life in the Community      
  • Working Conditions
  • Cost of Living
  • Amusements
  • National Current events
  • Local News and much more

Each chapter also includes an Economic Profile. This series of statistical comparisons is designed to put the family's individual lifestyles and decisions in perspective. These charts include the average wages of other professions during the year being profiled, a selection of typical pricing and key events and inventions of the time. Enhancing some of the chapters are examinations of important issues faced by the family, such as how Americans coped with war.

In addition to the detailed economic and social data for each family, each chapter is further enriched with historical snapshots, news profiles, articles from local media and illustrations derived from popular printed materials of the day, such as clippings from cereal boxes, campaign buttons, political cartoons, postcards, and posters.

The Second Edition of Working Americans, 1880-2012 Volume 1: The Working Class offers 72 Family Profiles that cover 34 occupations and more than 25 ethnic groups. Geographically, the text travels the entire country, from the East Coast to Hawaii, from urban factories to homesteaders to provide comprehensive coverage of the lifestyles of working class families that is available nowhere else.

This rich economical and social compilation of facts, figures, and graphs will enhance a wide range of curriculums and meet multiple research needs. Working Americans, 1880-2012 Volume 1: The Working Class is an interesting and useful compilation of portraits of the working class across the last 130 years that will be an important addition to any high school, public or academic library reference collection.

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This edition comes with FREE ONLINE ACCESS on the popular Salem Press platform,  With unlimited users and remote access included, your students and researchers can now search this amazing collection of data, anytime & anywhere, all just a click away.

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