World Cultural Leaders of the Twentieth & Twenty-First Centuries

World Cultural Leaders is a window into the arts, performances, movements, and music that shaped the world's cultural development since 1900.

Highlights of this second edition include:

  • Complete coverage of six major cultural categories: Art, Film, Dance, Literature, Theater and Music
  • Nearly 120 brand new entries
  • A handy fold-out timeline traces important events in all cultural categories from 1900 through the present time
  • A brand new section of detailed material and resources for 100 selected individuals is also new to this edition, with further data on museums, homesteads, websites, artwork and more
  • Entries are fully cross-referenced so that readers can learn how various individuals influenced others
  • An index of leaders by occupation, a useful glossary and a thorough general index complete the coverage

A handy two-volume set that makes it easy to look up 550 worldwide cultural icons: actors in theatre and film, architects, novelists, writers, creative journalists, composers, conductors, virtuoso performers, choreographers, dancers, film directors and producers, opera performers, painters, sculptors, photographers, poets, popular music figures, impresarios, television personalities and playwrights. World Cultural Leaders of the Twentieth & Twenty-First Centuries provides entries (many of them illustrated) covering the individual’s works, achievements, and professional career in a thorough essay and offers interesting facts and statistics.

Bringing a wealth of information together into one easy-to-use resource, this volume is an important acquisition for the reference collections of public libraries, university libraries, and high schools. 

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Pub. Date: January 2008
Hardcover: 1262 pages
ISBN: 978-1-59237-118-1
Price: $255
e-ISBN: 978-1-59237-231-7
eBook User Price: $319